14th - 16th May 2019
Tallinn, Estonia

Focus Day 14th
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FOCUS DAY: Airborne Assistance in SAR Operations

The 3rd Maritime Search and Rescue meeting will begin with a pre-conference focus day exploring the challenges, capabilities and solutions available to deploy airborne assistance in search and rescue operations.

The pre-conference focus day will begin with a keynote address from Rear Admiral Philip Kenul, Senior Vice President of Aviation and Operations, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, UAS Program.

UAS Aerial Search Capability

Searches conducted at sea by helicopters are extremely costly, and the alternative option of using boats can be time consuming. Small, highly manoeuvrable and unmanned aerial vehicles may aid and support search and rescue efforts by providing a rapid response for a fraction of the cost in risk and resources. This section’s looks at how this capability can be used to aid aerial search.

Safety Considerations for LNG and Alternative Fuels

Ensuring a balanced spectrum of assets is key to a dynamic response. Aircraft provide fast situational awareness at longer range and for longer periods than unmanned options. National and international missions are reviewing how best to deploy fixed wing and rotary assets to optimise a response. This section will explore strategies to exploit air assets through joint programmes and future technology.

Incorporating UAS into Maritime Search & Rescue Aviation Response

As technology in the aviation sector develops the final section will look at how some countries are beginning to incorporate UAVs into their aeronautical search and rescue response. The final panel will allow audience input into challenges and the overall outcome. The final section will discuss how best to achieve synchronisation of manned and unmanned systems for an optimum recovery.