14th - 16th May 2019
Tallinn, Estonia

Focus Day 14th
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Developing Tactics and Equipment for Specialised Operations

As the volume of vessel traffic, including cruise ships continues to increase, so too does the risk of an incident. There is now an urgent need to train and prepare for large scale incidents that could include mass rescue or large oil spill response.

Maritime Search and Rescue 2018 will provide a must-attend forum for SAR professionals to learn, discuss and share developing tactics and equipment requirements for specialised operations.

Delegates attending the meeting will have a unique opportunity to discover how Exercise SCOPE 2017, an EU financed large-scale oil spill and HNS exercise conducted during September 2017 in Skagerak, Norway, has presented the SAR community with an invaluable learning experience to optimise future operations.

SCOPE 2017 was co-financed by the European Commission/Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations, with The Norwegian Coastal Administration, as the coordinator of the project. Partners in the project included Sweden, Denmark and Iceland in addition to representatives from local authorities.

SCOPE 2017 was a full-size exercise and including scenarios for both chemical and oil spill, at sea as well as on shore, together with investigation, place of refuge and claims management issues, implemented with operational exercises, table tops and workshops.

Stig Wahlstrom, Project Manager of Scope 2017, Norwegian Coastal Administration, will provide SAR professionals with the results from the project so far; from the application phase, planning phase, exercise execution and the ongoing evaluation, as well as key lessons learnt which can be applied to future operations.

It’s vital for SAR professionals to share knowledge within their areas of expertise to improve the emergency response. Maritime Search and Rescue 2018 will provide delegates with the experiences of the Danish Navy in the Kenya and East Africa region to give a unique perspective of the challenges faced and lessons which can be applied in any future rescue operation across the world.

Commander Anders Elgaard, SO1- Search and Rescue, Danish Navy will present to SAR professionals why it is vital we need to cooperate with countries like Kenya to enhance SAR capabilities in the East African region. Commander Elgaard will share how the Danish Navy built simulator facilities to fit the local training requirements and provide a pathway for Kenyan authorities to take ownership of future training.

SAR professionals will also learn how the Danish Navy helped to improve the Recognized Maritime Picture (RMP) and Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA), which has improved SAR operations in the region. Commander Elgaard will also share key strategies used to improve inter-agency cooperation which could be used in any region across the world.

Speaking ahead of the event, Commander Elgaard commented:

“It’s important for the industry to keep up with the development in ideas and challenges faced by SAR operators, and for SAR operators to gain inspiration from industry.”

Maritime Search and Rescue 2018, chaired by Chris Reynolds, Director, Irish Coast Guard and supported by the Finnish Border Guard, will bring the SAR community together to learn, share and identify future best practice with representatives from over 15 countries.

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